Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pattern sew off show-off 2014!!

Shh don't tell my husband, but I think I have a few patterns.  I haven't counted and won't be counting but realization hit when I bought a pattern I already owned in my Dropbox. If you haven't heard of Dropbox. It's fabulous. It is a great online storage decide. It is free but you can of course purchase more storage space.  Here is a link. You can store files, photos anything. I personally use it for pdf patterns. I can access it anywhere I have internet access even my phone! It's beneficial especially if I am at the fabric store and need fabric requirements for a project. 
Ok enough about Dropbox. 
A few friends and acquaintances and I are going to attempt to make a dent in the amount of un-sewn patterns I own. Pictures will be taken and possibly reviews. No more, ok a lot less pattern buying will hopefully happen as well. I am hoping in this process to learn to better learn my camera.  We are calling this Pattern Sew Off Show-off 2014 or #patternsos14. 
This week I have already sewn 2 dresses but I am not going to tell you about those until I have taken proper pictures. No more crappy cell phone pictures. Don't get me wrong I have no hopes of trying to go pro but I would like to learn to use my camera better and in the process get some decent pictures of my kids. 
That's all for tonight. I just cracked a new book "Wishes and Stitches" by Rachael Herron and I have a sweet boy looking to cuddle. 
Have a great night. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


In an attempt to get back and blogging and learn to use my camera in manual I am going to try and do the May photo challenge from The Idea Room.  I of course started late lol.

Day 1: Enjoy

lens 18-55MM,   1/200    5.6      152-5228

 Day 2: Metallic
lens 18-55MM, 1/100   5.6   152-5229

Please keep in mind I am learning how to shoot manually. I have a long ways to go but this is just the beginning. Any and all tips and tricks are welcome!!

Have a great one Kristen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New year, new quilt!

I ran to walmart yesterday and I swear I can not go in that store and not see their fabric. It's a weekness I tell you! 
I have been meaning or at least had the urge to make another quilt. It is my secret ambission to be a fabulous quilter. The perfectionist in me fights with this so the procrastinator tries to equal all out. 
I spotted to pretty jelly rolls, well 2 they were the same. So I picked them up. 
Came home and went searching for easy jelly roll quilt patterns. 
I narrowed it down to 3, 
Strip twist won. 
I sorted all the jelly rolls and separate them into 3 groups of 4. 

 As per the pattern I needed to have 2 dark and 2 light in each pile. 
As I finished 3 sets of 4 from each pile I decided to shake it up a little and mix these up so I had 4 different sets of 4 strips in each. 

I had a beautiful little helper that handed them to me as well as helped me sew them together 

See aren't they pretty! 

I finished this last night. This morning I pressed all my seams towards the dark fabric. 

Now I have cut them into 8.5" squares making sure to even up all 4 sides.  From my 2 jelly rolls I had 15 of each set so a total of 60 squares. 

I have more cutting and sewing today. Hope you enjoyed so far. 
Have a great day. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Late Christmas dress

Before Christmas I joined a sew along with the amazing create kids couture. It was for the joy dress. At first I was put off because I assumed it took a lot more fabric. 
Boy was I wrong!
The construction is genius! I thought there were multiple layers but there aren't. 
The instructions are clear, the fit is spot on and it's super cute and ruffly!

Ok enough talk here it us with my beauty. 

Yes even a doll version!

That's all for now! 
Hope your holidays were wonderful. 
Here are a few things I have made this year. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pocket pj's

I tested a new pattern last week for Miss Lily. It was the pocket pj's from Blank Slate. 
I have sewn Melissas patterns before an absolutely love them. They are fabulous!  These are great if you have special fabric you are hoarding and want to use but don't want to use a lot of it. 
I used a flannel I got from Joanna's. I had 3/4 a yard of the coordinate and 3yds of the print. I had extra left over from the print for a size 8. 

These pjs have cute coordinating cuffs at the sleeves and pants. 

Great large pockets for bed time treasures. 
I love that these are a pullover too, the placket makes that possible. 

There is a version for shorts as well. If using a nice light cotton these would make awesome summer pjs. 

The pattern can be found here.

Give them a try! Blank slate is amazing. 

Mybonlybatwration swrte using interfacing on the placket. 

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween, gifts and fall coats

I am a little late to share my Halloween costumes. 
I made the girls, lilys is a Snow White . I use the precious dress from scientific seamstress and the Avry as tink I used SIG delaney. 

I been thought to prepare for cool weather. 
The weather has gotten a little chilli so I made some fall coats for the girls. 
I used the downtown duffle from peek a boo 

I made my own buttons and toggles for this. I also have one cut for jack. I love this pattern. Her instructions are clear and easy to read. She arranges her patterns in a way to save in printing and ink. 

Recent bday gift I did from my childhood grease area on FF&L

Definitely planning on making some for my girls. 
Avry is in need of some winter dresses and lily needs shirts. After I finish jacks coat, get some Christmas sewing done as well as stuff do the shop. 

Hope you have a great day


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kids clothes week day 3,4 and 5!

PMy days are crazy with juggling library story hour, gymnastics, work and my mama duties. 
I managed to finish the girls Lacy and Lane Slope Hoodie. I love them, they love them and I can't wait to make mine, ya know after kids clothes week. Lol. 

For this version is used interlock with rib knit cuffs. 

We added a rhinestone design to the front. 

Now for my diva, I used a gradient rainbow jersey knit from Girl Charlee. 

I took the time to line all those stripes up and I am very glad that I did.  

My 3 love their hoodies as do I. This may be my go to. At sine point I want to make a front zip coat with the thumb holes as well. 

Now yesterday my husband took my van to get new tires and left me his truck as a just in case of an emergency. It was my first day I didn't need to be somewhere so I spent the day sewing. 
I has been eyeing the Primrose from Create Kids Couture for some time but didn't want the halter neck. I wanted a peasant top, long sleeve with fall coming. Lucky for me the Jewel was on sale yesterday. 
I lengthened the bodice of the Jewel by making sure the sides measured the same, under the arm hole. 
I also choose to do a rolled hem and shirred the neck and arms and added Shirring at the wrist. I only did 3 layers to the skirt bc I only wanted it to be knee length. 
I am very pleased with the results!

I love that the faux corset can be worn in front or back and it pulls the bodice in nicely. I was even able to make a perfectly matched necklace. 

That's all for now. 
Hope you have a great day. 
Next up maybe Halloween costumes.

Just a little bit of personality here.