Monday, September 30, 2013

Just what I need...

Rehashing a forgotten craft.  That's right I brought the beads back out! But with the beads also came clay to make pendants. What can I say I am addicted...

First there was this little bracelet (which I noticed I lost :()

Then came some playing with clay,

I think these will become earrings.

Girly skull, book, lady bug, cupcake and a bead, well 2.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Then I got to bead playing.  




And finally:

I am going to offer Breast Cancer Awareness pieces on my facebook page.  For the month of October 15% of all proceeds are going to be donated to Pink Heals. Why 15% you ask? October 15, 2006 my MIL lost her second battle with Breast Cancer. 
Hope you have a Great Day,
Here is my page KristenKreates


Monday, September 23, 2013

Clean Pumpkin muffins!

As clean as clean can be that is.

For me fall is a season for baking, apples, pumpkins and all things yummy.  This weekend I began some fall baking.

Twice now I have made these mini pumpkin muffins. The kids and I LOVE them, and I do not feel guilty about eating them one bit.

The recipe:
*dry ingredients

1 1/2 c whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 c sucanat
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 baking powder
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground clove
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp pumpkin spice

*wet ingredients
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg whites
1/4 cup softened coconut oil
1 cup of pumpkin puree ( I used organic)

*makes approximately 30 mini muffins.

Preheat your oven to 350. 

In one bowl mix all of your dry ingredients and set aside.

In a separate mixing bowl, add all of your wet ingredients and mix till blended.

Add your dry ingredients to your wet and mix till all ingredients are blended.

Spray your muffin tins with olive oil cooking spray.

Drop approximately 1 tbs of mix into each tin.

Bake at 350 for 18-22 minutes or until a tooth pick come clean when inserted into the center of your muffins.

If making a pumpkin bread I would bake approximately 45-60 minutes, testing the center after 45 minutes. Approximately 25-32 minutes for bigger muffins.
*Please note , bread and larger muffin times have NOT been tested.

Hope you enjoy, we sure do.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pippa Tunic

I have to be honest, when the Pippa first came out I wasn't overly impressed.  On a CKC facebook group someone mentioned making it with corduroy and pairing it with leggings and boots so I went and had another look, especially on the other photos from testers who completed the garment. Once seeing those I was sold.
Nine times out of ten it is the fabric that makes the pattern what it is. Yes we can sew from any fabric we have to make things but it is the fabric that makes a pattern most desirable in my opinion.
The Pippa is a circle dress made from woven fabric with a shirred empire belt line from Create Kids Couture. It is offered in sizes 6 months to an 8.

It is recommended for the intermediate sewer so it may have lacked a few things for a beginner (*which I am not) This is a personal preference from few patterns I have written, I like to provide information so even a beginner wouldn't be afraid to try it. Just simple things like a pattern lay out or notes on assembling the pattern, again my personal preference. As you can see I did figure it out just fine.

I did alter my version for Lily, I did a tunic version so I cut the length of a 5t with the 7/8 width.  I also topstitched my front placket since I didn't have fusible web and used light weight interfacing instead.  My first line of shirring started 1/2 inch lower than recommended because I didn't like the idea of it so high up and into the placket area. My personal preference. That is the beauty of sewing you change things to make them more suitable for your needs.

When I did decide to make this I envisioned it going with anything and everything. Colored skinny
jeans, her boots and when its colder layered over a long sleeve shirt. When its warmer, perfect over a bathing suit for playing, fine for getting wet and quick to dry.


My little lady LOVES it and so do I.

We paired this with a shabby chiq headband that I made her.

Despite my personal preferences I had with the pattern I still really like. The pictures and pattern where clear and I had no trouble understanding the directions. Pattern lined up nicely when taping together. It was a very fast sew. Great job CKC for offering a fresh new pattern. I give it an A.
Next I have my eye on Coco's petti skirt. But we shall see.
Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Selfish Sewing!

I took some time last week and sewed for ME! Oh yes I did.
Last week Melissa over at Blank Slate did a testing call out for The Rose Tee. Of course I couldn't say no so I signed up and was chosen as a tester.

Like all of Melissa's patterns this is fabulous. The pieces line up beautifully. The instruction are clear and make sense.

The pattern is true to size.

I am simply in love with Blank Slate patterns are reasonably priced and fit beautifully. Her instructions are all easy to read and follow. She is super nice. I need to own more and she needs to offer sizes bigger than 8. :)

Short and sweet for today!

Hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pattern testing

Last week I was fortunate enough to test a pattern for Tie Dye Diva. I was able to test the Everyday Top.
Normally I sew a size 8 for Lily because that is what she wears in RTW clothing. This was no different.

The pattern pieces fit together nicely and everything lined up just as it should. I used a cotton fabric I have had in my stash for a little while, I had just enough. I choose pink piping accents around the sleeve and empire bodice.


The back has a button closure making for easy on and off, once a parent does the button. The instructions were clear and easy to read.

I can picture this as a dress as well, its not really Lily's style, but she sure does rock the skulls.

I sleeve length is perfect! I prefer my shirts a little longer for growing purposes, but this is very cute.

Little man and I have some school to take care of and I cut out a few things to tackle today. Hope you have a great one.
Again thank you for the Google +1, I like when I see someone else enjoying my sewing and sharing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Small Boy sewing

Poor Little Man is feeling so left out when it comes to some Mama Made digs. As he puts it I always sew for the girls and NEVER so for him.
Cant let that happen!

I think from now on it would be best to alternate who I sew for each time so everyone gets a fair share of mama made.
With our cool weather coming I made LJ a few long sleeve tops. First up is The Recess Raglan from SeeKateSew.

I love everything about this pattern! The sleeve has length options for elbow length and long sleeve. The main body is longer which is a favorite of mine. There is nothing worse than a too short shirt!

I chose a chocolate brown striped knit and a muted teal for this top and LOVE the combo. Not to mention the stripe is dreamy soft. I am not sure where I got it from but its amazing. I wish I had more. The solid is from Joann Fabrics.

The fit, the instructions, the options. It is all part of the perfect package!! A+ Kate!
I already have another cut out for my daughter to make into a dress!!

Next up I went with The HangOut Hoodie from Peek a Boo pattern shop.

It comes in sizes 6monthes up to a 10. Finally something bigger than an 8. I can see myself getting lots of use out of this one. This particular pattern has a dress and shirt option so its great for girl and boy.

Her instructions are clear and easy to read!  I went with a thinner blue stripe and black interlock. Perfect for layering!

I chose to add the bottom band as a personal preference, it is not part of the pattern. I simply cut a piece the width of the hood band and a few inches shorter than the body giving it extra length. My opinion is it would have been a smidge short if I hadn't added the band, and would have seemed it was missing something. I think the black hem band brings it all together.

This small boy loves the pocket and hood! Love the pattern and actually have a dress cut out for my daughter as well. Another great pattern Amy. I give this an A- (only gave a - from personal preference of the hem band)
The Small boy is thrilled if you couldn't tell! I really should sew for him more often.
That's all for now!
Have a great day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Those skinny W pants

Seems like forever ago I was telling you about these fabulous W pants I made for Lily. Guess I forgot to show you.

When the ABC collection was being sold I managed to snag the patterns on one of the last sale days. It is a purchase I will never regret. In the pattern set I was The W pants from Blank Slate.

Let me tell you her attention to detail is AMAZING!! She leaves nothing out. The instructions are clear and concise! Full of pictures and extra helpful tid bits. And options!!

I used a lovely black stretch sateen I purchased at Joann Fabrics. I want these pants for me!!

I went with a non zippered welt back pocket.

 I did alter the legs of these to make them a skinny fit. In order to do that, I traced the smallest size leg width and the length of the size 8 for her. They fit her amazingly if I must say so!!

Nice side pockets which I chose to add grommets to make them look more professional. As you can also see I added zippers to the inside leg for her as well.
 Because she is a skinny little lady I also added back elastic like the Coastal Cargos has. Once I pick up more button hole elastic I will surely make them more adjustable. But for now I made the elastic a little longer and I can pick stitches and let some out if she ever grows out. lol

I cant wait till it is cold enough for her to wear these to school. They fit her better than any pants I have ever purchased and we both love them.

I can not RAVE enough about blank slate patterns. If you haven't tried one, you are missing out. Its a purchase you wont regret.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

School lunches!!

As a mother I strive to give my children healthy meals in and out of school.
Here are some of the lunches the kids have had this week. Jack has something similar each day.

School day 1
Lily has juice, chicken breast roll ups, cheese itz, watermelon and black berries and a granola bar. Avry has organic milk, chicken breast roll up, granola bar, watermelon and raspberry and gold fish.

Day 2's lunch was the same, salad, chicken breast roll up, and grapes. Lily had juice, Avry Milk


Day 3: Lily in red, juice, chicken breast rolled up, raw veggies (carrots, tomato, cucumber, sugar peas), pirate booty and strawberries. Avry in yellow, milk, egg whites, raw veggies (carrots, tomato, cucumber, sugar peas), pirate booty and strawberries.

Avry: chicken breast, diced cheese, grapes,  pretzels, carrots, tomato, sugar peas and cucumber and juice.
Lily: chicken, apple maple sausage, diced cheese, grapes, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and sugar peas, grapes and juice.

Lily: peperoni and cheese sandwich, pretzels, strawberries and blackberries, humus with raw veggies (cucumber, tomato, carrots, sugar peas)
Avry: chicken, cheese stick, whole wheat crackers, milk, raspberries and strawberries, raw veggies (cucumber, tomato, carrots, sugar peas)
I have some sewing pictures to share but not with todays food. Hope I can inspire you with our healthy lunches.
Have a great day.