Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another School Year!

Today was the beginning of yet another school year. I miss them terribly but I know how happy they are to be back at school.
I of course did some sewing. I am not sure if I showed Avrys dress but I will show again.
When I asked her what she wanted she said a blue dress, no sleeves with ruffles. It closes in the back.

She loves her dress. I love that it can be used all year. I wish I could tell you a pattern I used but its a case of not finding what I wanted and mashing a few together.

Now Miss Lily on the other hand wasn't sure. I showed her a few patterns and she decided on Amy's Peplum from The  Lily Bird Studio.

Her instructions and the fit are wonderful. I did change the sleeves and used interfacing on the plackets and collar which the pattern doesn't call for.


The best was super simple to make. I took 1" elastic and bought a belt clasp from Joanns. My stylish girl loves it.

The top originally had a fabulous pair of skinny pants to go with them but it was too warm this am so I will share those with you tomorrow.

My princess's were thrilled to be back at school. I was happy to come up with healthy lunches for them and they couldn't wait to eat them.

*chicken breast roll ups, cheese stick, watermelon and raspberry or blackberry, cheese itz or fish, granola bar, and milk or juice. 
Now if you will excuse me I have a pair of panties to finish before my ladies get home ( I am a little excited to see them and hear about their first day)
Here is a letter I have written for this school year.
Another school year has begun. It is bittersweet, I don't want to see them go and will miss them terribly but they are so very excited. I am glad the "shoe" issues of last year are behind us.
Dear third grade: My Lily is so eager to begin a new year. She embraces the adventures, the lessons and fun of it all. These past years her confidence has really soared, she is coming into herself and to discover who she is, yet she is still my sweet sensitive little girl. She loves to learn and can't wait to begin. She is mature yet still so young. She aims to please and doesn't like to fail! She likes to always be prepared. She can be soft spoken but always knows what is going on. She will have your full attention at all times.
Dear first grade: Avry has been waiting, counting down the days and is very excited. She is
strong willed and very sure of herself and her decisions, please don't mistake her confidence for rudeness, she can be sweet as pie. She believes in herself and is eager to please. She loves to giggle and can get lost in a task. She is determined and apprehensive all at the same time.
I ask that you take care of my babies as if they were your own. They will treat you with love and respect as long as you are polite, kind and share that mutual respect!
Like any year we have high hopes for you.
Thank you,
Mom of a 1st and 3rd grader.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school, fall and testing!

I know its only Tuesday but I have already finished a few things.

First up
Remember the Coastal Cargos I made for Jack? *seen here
Well they needed a shirt.


For the shirt I used the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew. Again more options. She offers 2 sleeve lengths and the choice of a band or not. I chose the elbow length with band.  I upcycled a white sheet for the body and a carters blanket for the sleeves.

The fit is amazing. With plenty of length for growing.

I have to admit I didn't follow directions as I have sewn a few shirts. But I do love how she lays the pattern out. It saves on ink the way she has it laid out.


 I am really pleased with all of the features in the pattern. I give Kate an A+.

 I tested a doll outfit from Functional Threads. I had previously tested the Ashley skort for Lily.

 Lisa is planning on releasing a doll version of the skort and shirt. I of course offered to test it out.  This time I did a pinwheel version without the shorts.

I couldn't do a doll one without one for Avry.

She really likes this set.

Lisa offers many options in her patterns which is a major bonus in my book. The skirt has 3
versions to choose from as well as 2 lengthes.

The Top also has 3 versions, 2 sleeve lengths and a hood. I think my
 favorite part is the yoga waist.

My girls have finally decided what I can make them for the first day of school.
Avry of course wanted a dress. She said blue , maybe some ruffles.

I did a mash up of a few patterns on this one to get exactly what I wanted.

She was ok with a zipper in back instead of buttons or snaps.

I love the way this came out and its exactly her style. I still need to make her some bows for her hair but I call the dress a success. I especially like that its great for all seasons because we can layer when it gets colder.
That's all for now. I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coastal Cargo's

Monday night I discovered over on MellySews that she was doing a SAL (sew along) for the Coastal Cargos. I of course had to purchase them and join in. I mean look at how cute they are, not to mention versatile especially with fall coming soon.
Purchased and printed Monday and started my sewing Tuesday morning. I am sure I could have finished these in one morning but I may have been distracted by 3 small people and a furry baby.

I decided to go with a tan twill. I also just happened to have just enough brown bias tape for the side seams. It was meant to be!

The pages to create the pattern fit together very nicely, there was no guessing, odd bubbles or anything. Very quick, easy and simple.

The way that the pattern is set up it is easy to adjust length and width which is especially helpful for the string beans in our lives.

I ended up tracing a 4 because my boy wears a 4 RTW. He did however measure a 2 width and 3/4 length. I decided to go with the 4 ultimately because the hip width on the pattern was all the same.

The instructions were clear and well written. She didn't leave any important details out at all.  I love both looks rolled and unrolled. The pattern gives very detailed instructions on a functioning fly and button closure.


 The little cargo pockets and flaps might be the cutest part. It is the perfect place for my small boys daily treasure finds.

I love that she provides markings for every part of the pattern rather than just measurements or brief explanations. From the tab, to belt loops, everything has a marked place.


I love the back elastic, I mistakenly cut mine too long so I need to go back and pick some stitches and make mine smaller so my boy doesn't lose his draws.

The welt pockets in back are very clearly explained step by step. Nothing is left out. I felt very confident in my welt pockets following the construction!

I will be making many more of these pants in the future for the small boy. I am definitely a fan of blank slate. If you have a chance to try one, please do. You will not be sorry. I hope in the near future they make sizes larger than 8.
Have a great day
P.s I did do the inseam differently. I left off the bias tape because I found the piece I used for the side seam in my stash and it happened to only be long enough for the side seams. So I serged and reinforced the inseam.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mondays Sewing!

Monday , I was able to finish up a few things on my work table. I had a couple of pattern testers that needed to be turned in. 

First up is the Kymy Dolman from Everything your Mama Made and More. As I mentioned it is a tester so its not available yet. This is my second one and I LOVE IT.

Please excuse the lack of face, my hair was a mess and I looked grump lol

Kymy's instructions are clear, the pattern is easy to tape together. The fit is wonderful! I don't have enough nice things to say about the pattern.

I cheated with this, I used a jersey knit sheet and used the hem of it. The top sews up very quickly and is super comfortable. I will be making this for the girls and I again and again.
Next up is a pair of banded capris from Stitchwerx Designs. Again new pattern, not released, in testing.                
The construction is different than any pant pattern I have ever sewn. She has you sewing the inseam before the rise.


I found them to be a little wide but that is my personal preference. Not sure on making it again, may have to try one more time before making my official judgement. I used a blue linen.

Lastly I sewed up this gymnastics set from Mountain Ash. If you remember I reviewed a pattern of hers on Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops and here. The FFL site is down so no linking. :(


The fit on these is so amazing!! I love them soo very much! Her instructions are clear, she offers options and plenty of pictures along the way.

 My little girl LOVES these! I used a dance/swim wear fabric I had purchased at Joanns, and FOE (fold over elastic I purchased from The Fabric Fairy. It was a little more narrow than what I used last time but as you can see it all worked out!
We have sewn Mountain Ash before and will be sewing them again. I am a fan.

After my sew productive day sewing Monday I needed to decide what was next. Well I came across Melly Sews blog and the Coastal Cargo Sew Along.  I had to join in. I started yesterday and made good progress. I will have to share pictures and a review when I am finished.

Hope you have a great day, its the last Summer Story time for us and gymnastics later on.


P.S thanks for the +1 :)

Monday, August 12, 2013


I started a new workout video today! I have heard of various different beach body videos and of their success people have had. Well just recently a new one came out, T25. 
As I said I just started but it is 11 videos that are each 25 minutes long. There is an alpha and beta mode. It doesn't comes with everything you will need. Only a resistance band! Shaun T provides a calendar to direct you which video to do when, a meal plan, the dvd's and the resistance band. Each day of the week there is a different thing to do. With Friday being a double day, Saturday stretching and Sunday rest. I could have switched Saturday and Sunday around. 

Today was cardio. And let me tell you my calves were screaming. 

I can't wait for the next one. 

So far I really like it, they show you the time you have left, let you know the next exercise, he actually does the work with you instead of just talking, he us encouraging, the people in it actually sweat and he isn't annoying. 

I am definitely a beach body fan. 

Hope you have a great night. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quick and healthy money saving tip!

As I am sure we all know, produce, especially fruit can vary in price depending on the season. As a mom, a SAHM/WAHM I am always trying to save money and give our family healthy options.
  After my birthday this year I started to care more about my health and the example I set for my children. In my path of being a healthier me I have started exercising and eating better. With my exercising I have joined a gym and have done some videos. Post work out I like a protein shake, it usually consists of protein powder, ground flax and oats, soaked chia and what ever fresh or frozen fruit I have in the house. I use almond milk or juice some fruits or veggie for the liquid in the smoothie.
I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, I want to be a healthier more fit me. I know in the winter certain produce items will cost much more than they do right now. In order to be cost effective I have started to freeze my goodies. 
If my fruit is ripe and I know I wont finish before it goes bad, I peel and freeze.
When berries are fresh and in season for picking, we freeze.

Here is how I do it. This week at a local wholesale store I found 3 lbs of strawberries for $5.99

I soaked them in a vinegar and water combination to sanitize and get all the stuff that doesn't belong off them. After soaking I rinsed of course. * the vinegar does not affect the taste of the produce, I wash all of mine this way. * There is a bowl under the strainer.
If I had a hand strawberry pitting tool I am sure I would use it but I don't, so I cut the tops off. Yes there is some waist but I can get over it considering what I will save using these in the winter rather than buying .
Toss them in a ziploc bag and in the freezer, and you can have fresh frozen with no additives fruit in the winter and colder monthes.
 I have done this with mango, banana, peaches, kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries. I am hoping to go raspberry picking soon and freeze some.

Hope you enjoy my money saving tip. :)

Next week I start a new video. T25 Here I come!!

Have a great rest of the weekend.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Presley Ruffle Pants

I was asked by my friend Astrid from SIGnature Creations to sew up a pair of Presley Ruffle pants in tween size for her cover. Ok she asked if anyone made them and I offered. Of course.

First I made some for Lily, mid way through them I thought hmm I should draft a doll size.

This is Saige, she saved up to buy her with her own money.

She really loves her dolls.

After we took these she wanted to get sassy!

She and I really had a blast photographing her sassy side.

Alright muscles! lol
I don't know what it is about duck lips!! Good thing she is cute and can get away with it.
I finished these in the morning before lunch and a certain miss said I want a pair. Some days I feel like sewing for one child is like that book "If you give a mouse a cookie"
And so another set was born.
One sister posses like a diva the other HAS too. She did give her sister ideas and pointers for being a diva.

Diva should be her middle name, accessories, purses, ect.

I am so pleased her hair is finally long enough to braid. She has decided to grow it out.

This here, is the reason it is so hard to tell her no. She has admitted this is her pouty face and can turn it off and on.

When both sisters get to pose individually, they are going to want to pose together.

Cant leave out DIVA posing...

Wait, wait we want a picture with our dolls.

Can just our dolls have a picture.

Needless to say everyone loves their pants.
If you get a chance try them out. If not send me a message on facebook and I would be more than happy to make a pair or 2.
Have a great day