Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another School Year!

Today was the beginning of yet another school year. I miss them terribly but I know how happy they are to be back at school.
I of course did some sewing. I am not sure if I showed Avrys dress but I will show again.
When I asked her what she wanted she said a blue dress, no sleeves with ruffles. It closes in the back.

She loves her dress. I love that it can be used all year. I wish I could tell you a pattern I used but its a case of not finding what I wanted and mashing a few together.

Now Miss Lily on the other hand wasn't sure. I showed her a few patterns and she decided on Amy's Peplum from The  Lily Bird Studio.

Her instructions and the fit are wonderful. I did change the sleeves and used interfacing on the plackets and collar which the pattern doesn't call for.


The best was super simple to make. I took 1" elastic and bought a belt clasp from Joanns. My stylish girl loves it.

The top originally had a fabulous pair of skinny pants to go with them but it was too warm this am so I will share those with you tomorrow.

My princess's were thrilled to be back at school. I was happy to come up with healthy lunches for them and they couldn't wait to eat them.

*chicken breast roll ups, cheese stick, watermelon and raspberry or blackberry, cheese itz or fish, granola bar, and milk or juice. 
Now if you will excuse me I have a pair of panties to finish before my ladies get home ( I am a little excited to see them and hear about their first day)
Here is a letter I have written for this school year.
Another school year has begun. It is bittersweet, I don't want to see them go and will miss them terribly but they are so very excited. I am glad the "shoe" issues of last year are behind us.
Dear third grade: My Lily is so eager to begin a new year. She embraces the adventures, the lessons and fun of it all. These past years her confidence has really soared, she is coming into herself and to discover who she is, yet she is still my sweet sensitive little girl. She loves to learn and can't wait to begin. She is mature yet still so young. She aims to please and doesn't like to fail! She likes to always be prepared. She can be soft spoken but always knows what is going on. She will have your full attention at all times.
Dear first grade: Avry has been waiting, counting down the days and is very excited. She is
strong willed and very sure of herself and her decisions, please don't mistake her confidence for rudeness, she can be sweet as pie. She believes in herself and is eager to please. She loves to giggle and can get lost in a task. She is determined and apprehensive all at the same time.
I ask that you take care of my babies as if they were your own. They will treat you with love and respect as long as you are polite, kind and share that mutual respect!
Like any year we have high hopes for you.
Thank you,
Mom of a 1st and 3rd grader.

Have a great day,

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