Saturday, August 3, 2013

I would like to introduce you to SIGniture Creation patterns!

I have done a little more sewing lately and had a little time before a birthday party so why not share?!  First I want to introduce you to SIGniture Creations. Not only does she have some really
nice patterns but she is super sweet. I found out about her patterns on a PDF group on facebook, after talking back and forth I realized we have a lot in common.
We are both concerned about our health and work out, stinker managed to convince me into ordering T25, (its on the way.) WE both have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, though hers are triplets, and we both love to sew to name a few things. Too bad we live to far away.
Anyway, enough talk about Astrid, would you like to see some of her patterns I have sewn up? Of course you do, how silly of me to ask.
First up is the Ava Mega Twirly skirt

Now the pattern doesn't YET have the doll version available but it will be there very very soon! These big and little Ava's are for a birthday gift. I love how they come out and see many more in the future.
Speaking of Birthday's I had an order for a Sofia inspired dress. I think it came out amazing. THis is not a SIG pattern it is a combination of Miss Madeline from The Handmade Dress and Farbenmix Cara.

Next up is a combination of a few SIG patterns. There was a mash up challenge on her facebook group to mix and mash pattern and come up with a new look. I came up with this 2 piece set that can be 3 looks. There is the corduroy jumper, and the peasant dress. Both which can be worn separate or paired together.
I cant lie, I have been hoarding the peasant dress fabric waiting for the perfect pattern for it. I think this is a winner.

Next up is the Olivia by SIG. This one will have the doll version coming very soon. My daughter loves it and loves that is matches her doll! Instant Mommy Hero.

Next up is the Maysen. Sleek, stylish and perfect for the PreTween and older as I have here. BUT it comes in smaller sizes.  My daughter loves this one and received many compliments. The doll version for this is coming soon, I just need to get my butt in gear because I have been working with her helping with doll patterns to her existing child sizes.
I look at this picture and cant believe how big my baby is getting.
Here are my girls together in their Olivia and Maysen. Super cute! But I am bias.

Hey  look its another birthday gift, a friend of ours who happens to cut all our hair. Her daughters birthday was last month and I made a modified Delaney.
My modifications included adding ruffles to the sleeves and closing the back completely so it has elastic. Unfortunately I seem to have left out the back picture but I can provide it for anyone interested.
Speaking of Delaney, here is the tween version with add on's I love the simplicity of this one for my oldest. I can picture this with a jacket and skinny jeans for fall. Still gorgeous for summer.

Wait what? More Delaney, in a dress version. Of course it has a matching doll size. Isnt she pretty.
Hey look! Its not a Delaney but it is a SIG and a Millie. This style seems to fitting on my

This one does include the doll size.

Last, my littles all happen to have been wearing mama mades at the library this week so I snapped a picture, two of the dresses are, you guessed it SIG, and Jack is wearing an applique shirt I made him.

That's all for now, I have another tester to share with you, a pattern review and hopefully a tutorial.

Hope you have a great day, we are going to the Sofia birthday party and bringing our Ava twirl skirts.


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