Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Presley Ruffle Pants

I was asked by my friend Astrid from SIGnature Creations to sew up a pair of Presley Ruffle pants in tween size for her cover. Ok she asked if anyone made them and I offered. Of course.

First I made some for Lily, mid way through them I thought hmm I should draft a doll size.

This is Saige, she saved up to buy her with her own money.

She really loves her dolls.

After we took these she wanted to get sassy!

She and I really had a blast photographing her sassy side.

Alright muscles! lol
I don't know what it is about duck lips!! Good thing she is cute and can get away with it.
I finished these in the morning before lunch and a certain miss said I want a pair. Some days I feel like sewing for one child is like that book "If you give a mouse a cookie"
And so another set was born.
One sister posses like a diva the other HAS too. She did give her sister ideas and pointers for being a diva.

Diva should be her middle name, accessories, purses, ect.

I am so pleased her hair is finally long enough to braid. She has decided to grow it out.

This here, is the reason it is so hard to tell her no. She has admitted this is her pouty face and can turn it off and on.

When both sisters get to pose individually, they are going to want to pose together.

Cant leave out DIVA posing...

Wait, wait we want a picture with our dolls.

Can just our dolls have a picture.

Needless to say everyone loves their pants.
If you get a chance try them out. If not send me a message on facebook and I would be more than happy to make a pair or 2.
Have a great day

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