Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quick and healthy money saving tip!

As I am sure we all know, produce, especially fruit can vary in price depending on the season. As a mom, a SAHM/WAHM I am always trying to save money and give our family healthy options.
  After my birthday this year I started to care more about my health and the example I set for my children. In my path of being a healthier me I have started exercising and eating better. With my exercising I have joined a gym and have done some videos. Post work out I like a protein shake, it usually consists of protein powder, ground flax and oats, soaked chia and what ever fresh or frozen fruit I have in the house. I use almond milk or juice some fruits or veggie for the liquid in the smoothie.
I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, I want to be a healthier more fit me. I know in the winter certain produce items will cost much more than they do right now. In order to be cost effective I have started to freeze my goodies. 
If my fruit is ripe and I know I wont finish before it goes bad, I peel and freeze.
When berries are fresh and in season for picking, we freeze.

Here is how I do it. This week at a local wholesale store I found 3 lbs of strawberries for $5.99

I soaked them in a vinegar and water combination to sanitize and get all the stuff that doesn't belong off them. After soaking I rinsed of course. * the vinegar does not affect the taste of the produce, I wash all of mine this way. * There is a bowl under the strainer.
If I had a hand strawberry pitting tool I am sure I would use it but I don't, so I cut the tops off. Yes there is some waist but I can get over it considering what I will save using these in the winter rather than buying .
Toss them in a ziploc bag and in the freezer, and you can have fresh frozen with no additives fruit in the winter and colder monthes.
 I have done this with mango, banana, peaches, kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries. I am hoping to go raspberry picking soon and freeze some.

Hope you enjoy my money saving tip. :)

Next week I start a new video. T25 Here I come!!

Have a great rest of the weekend.


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