Monday, December 31, 2012


Sorry for such a long delay. Everyone has been sick at one point or another for the last 3 weeks or so.
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Have a safe and happy new year

Monday, December 17, 2012

I can't lie

All weekend and especially this am I was slightly nervous about sending my baby girls off to school. The unrealistic part of me wanted to move to a far away place and lock us all up for ever. But the reality of that happening are slim to none.
WE cant live in fear! As its been said, the only thing to fear is fear itself!
As much as I want to keep them all to myself and try to shield them from anything and everything. Its not reasonable or possible. Those parents in CT wanted to do the same, I imagine.
What I can do, is prepare them.
 Teach them safety, and make sure they understand common sense.
 Tell them I love them everyday moment and let them know how special and important that they are.
We wont focus on what could happen, but of the here and now.
Today, right now, this moment its what we have. Cherish it and enjoy what is here.

I hope you have a wonderful day,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Because you can..

My Heart breaks for the families in Connecticut. Its simply unfathomable. I am saddened for the 28 families! Yesterday my oldest was home sick and I was at the doctors with her and my youngest about the time of the horrific events. I didnt see the news till I sat for lunch and read it on the computer. At that time, all 3 of my babies were thankfully safe at home with me.
As much of a hassel we may think it is to clean up when your son gets car sick , while in line at bank, which you stopped at on the way home from the doctors with another child with a fever and cough. NO matter the circumstances it could always be worse! When those parents kissed thier children good bye yesterday morning, they could have never have- imagined that would be the last time they would see them again.
I have heard on the news it being said to take this as a chance to hug your children extra tight! My question is why do we need something as horrible as this to remind us to hug our children. Each and every moment, every day, is a blessing to have with them. Cherish them always, hold them tight no matter what the circumstances. When times get tough and kids are acting like, well kids hug them tighter.
I am not sure where this is going, or what was ment. Just love them no matter what! And do it because you can!

Have a wonderful day
Because you can
Hug your loved ones
because you can
be happy
because you can
savor this moment
because you can

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How about a SAL?

A SAL is a sew along. Have you seen Kits winter coat?

Its so cute, but at $24 I just couldnt justify it, yet our dolls would surely need a winter coat. What's a mama to do you ask? Why make it of course!!!  Before we start our sew along let me show you my version.

 I love the way that it came out!! I had to modify a few patterns to get this finished look. Which is why I have decided to do a Sew along to show you how to make your own.

simplicity 3551
6 1/2 buttons
1/2 yard of a fleece fabric
3/4" D ring
matching thread
ribbon (if you would like a contrasting belt, otherwise you can use some of your fabric)

Go and get your materials and we will get started in a few days.

Hope you have a great day,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big New!!

I have decided that in the New Year I will be opening up a shop again. I will be pairing up with my Internet BFF and we will be sewing some 18" doll items, foods, accessories, clothes, doll and me outfit ect.

Cant wait to get going!

Hope you have a great day

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Adventures of LEON

Leon is our elf on a shelf, He started his visit this year on the day after Thanksgiving. He is here everyday. Each night when everyone is sleeping he flys back to santa to report the things he sees and hears every day, whether it be good or bad. He is back in a new spot every morning when we wake up, he has been up to some silly things this year. Here is what he has been up to so far,

His first night he wanted to be sure to see everyone as they came down stairs.

His second night he was feeling a bit lonely and had a wonderful date with Barbie here. (Cinderella let her borrow a dress I think)
Barbie didnt call back so he cuddled up with the wedding bears and a good book, I think Lily inspired his reading.

He was feeling a bit adventurous and sat in the fan, good thing we didnt turn it on!!
He started to miss the North Pole and found this great Build a Bear box that reminded him an awful lot of home. SO he spent the night.

Leon teamed up with Hulk and wanted to chicken fight. No one accepted his challange.

He decided to get a little cozy on top of our pictures holding onto Bubbie!

Leon forgot about safety, and wasnt able to keep his arms, legs or head in the vehicle at all times, I am also pretty sure he doesnt have a seat belt on.

Circus anyone?

Playing dress up! I think he borrowed Jessies hat for this.

Back to the kitchen to sit on the fan.
As you can see he has been quite adventurous this week.

Thats all for today.
I am off to work on Jacks quilt
Hope you have a wonderful day

P.S Happy 50th blog post to me