Monday, December 17, 2012

I can't lie

All weekend and especially this am I was slightly nervous about sending my baby girls off to school. The unrealistic part of me wanted to move to a far away place and lock us all up for ever. But the reality of that happening are slim to none.
WE cant live in fear! As its been said, the only thing to fear is fear itself!
As much as I want to keep them all to myself and try to shield them from anything and everything. Its not reasonable or possible. Those parents in CT wanted to do the same, I imagine.
What I can do, is prepare them.
 Teach them safety, and make sure they understand common sense.
 Tell them I love them everyday moment and let them know how special and important that they are.
We wont focus on what could happen, but of the here and now.
Today, right now, this moment its what we have. Cherish it and enjoy what is here.

I hope you have a wonderful day,

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