Saturday, December 15, 2012

Because you can..

My Heart breaks for the families in Connecticut. Its simply unfathomable. I am saddened for the 28 families! Yesterday my oldest was home sick and I was at the doctors with her and my youngest about the time of the horrific events. I didnt see the news till I sat for lunch and read it on the computer. At that time, all 3 of my babies were thankfully safe at home with me.
As much of a hassel we may think it is to clean up when your son gets car sick , while in line at bank, which you stopped at on the way home from the doctors with another child with a fever and cough. NO matter the circumstances it could always be worse! When those parents kissed thier children good bye yesterday morning, they could have never have- imagined that would be the last time they would see them again.
I have heard on the news it being said to take this as a chance to hug your children extra tight! My question is why do we need something as horrible as this to remind us to hug our children. Each and every moment, every day, is a blessing to have with them. Cherish them always, hold them tight no matter what the circumstances. When times get tough and kids are acting like, well kids hug them tighter.
I am not sure where this is going, or what was ment. Just love them no matter what! And do it because you can!

Have a wonderful day
Because you can
Hug your loved ones
because you can
be happy
because you can
savor this moment
because you can

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