Monday, August 11, 2014

SOS 14 Nelle #1

Let me introduce you to my new friend. Her name is Nelle. She is the reason behind PatternSOS14.  See I had bought her and come to find out she was already in my dropbox....

Nelle is a super cute Brownie Goose pattern that I purchased from Etsy, right Here.  She goes from 6-12m up to a 6/7.

It is a cute little pattern. Her instructions are clean, clean and cohesive. I did sew this  a little differently than the directions for my own preference and no fault of the pattern designer. Sometimes we just prefer things to be done a certain way.

Nelle was inspired by a dress I saw at The Children's Place a few weeks ago that didn't come in either of the girls sizes. I took a picture and kept it for safe keeping.. I spotted the Nelle a few weeks ago again and knew it would be perfect for Lily.

Unfortunately it only goes up to a size 6/7, but lucky for me she is skinny so I just added length to the skirt ( I did try the bodice on her before attaching the skirt) and neck elastic.  Aside from the steps I changed I did a rolled hem on the top of the skirt and sewed it on top of the bodice instead of with right sides together.

If of course needed a belt. I picked this up at Joann Fabrics, I cut it to her length, and sewed little squares of vinyl to the ends and added some snaps for closure.

I am still debating if it needs something to cover the snaps or if I should just let it be.

It came out just as I had hoped if not better. I love it and recommend giving Nelle a shot, it really is a cute pattern.

This picture is from a reading celebration day at the end of the school year. Avry has on a RabbitRabbit Humming Bird dress, Jack an Ottobre button down and Mud Slide pants from Fishsticks and Lily the Nelle.
THanks Kristen

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