Monday, June 3, 2013

Personal NO Buying June

I have challenged myself to use the patterns and fabric that I already have and sew what I can sew for the entire month of June.
I started a bit early (5/31) and finished this up today, darn outside fun got in the way of sewing.
I made this Charlotte Romper from 5Berries. I left off the leg elastic as it is for Lily and she didn't want it. I think it came out really really cute. I cant wait till she comes home to try it it on for me.

It is such a sweet pattern. They did forget to tell you to finish the sleeve hem, but I guess its lucky for me that I don't often follow directions word for word. Mostly I skim over them before sewing then get moving. My only other qualm I can think of is the annoying 1/2" seam allowance. It would look super cute with pockets too.

Tally so far for June:
1 pattern
1 yard and a scrap.

That's all for now. This style romper will also be offered for sale in my shop. If you would like to order one *up to size 8 please comment :)

Have a great day


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