Saturday, January 25, 2014

New year, new quilt!

I ran to walmart yesterday and I swear I can not go in that store and not see their fabric. It's a weekness I tell you! 
I have been meaning or at least had the urge to make another quilt. It is my secret ambission to be a fabulous quilter. The perfectionist in me fights with this so the procrastinator tries to equal all out. 
I spotted to pretty jelly rolls, well 2 they were the same. So I picked them up. 
Came home and went searching for easy jelly roll quilt patterns. 
I narrowed it down to 3, 
Strip twist won. 
I sorted all the jelly rolls and separate them into 3 groups of 4. 

 As per the pattern I needed to have 2 dark and 2 light in each pile. 
As I finished 3 sets of 4 from each pile I decided to shake it up a little and mix these up so I had 4 different sets of 4 strips in each. 

I had a beautiful little helper that handed them to me as well as helped me sew them together 

See aren't they pretty! 

I finished this last night. This morning I pressed all my seams towards the dark fabric. 

Now I have cut them into 8.5" squares making sure to even up all 4 sides.  From my 2 jelly rolls I had 15 of each set so a total of 60 squares. 

I have more cutting and sewing today. Hope you enjoyed so far. 
Have a great day. 

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