Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pattern sew off show-off 2014!!

Shh don't tell my husband, but I think I have a few patterns.  I haven't counted and won't be counting but realization hit when I bought a pattern I already owned in my Dropbox. If you haven't heard of Dropbox. It's fabulous. It is a great online storage decide. It is free but you can of course purchase more storage space.  Here is a link. You can store files, photos anything. I personally use it for pdf patterns. I can access it anywhere I have internet access even my phone! It's beneficial especially if I am at the fabric store and need fabric requirements for a project. 
Ok enough about Dropbox. 
A few friends and acquaintances and I are going to attempt to make a dent in the amount of un-sewn patterns I own. Pictures will be taken and possibly reviews. No more, ok a lot less pattern buying will hopefully happen as well. I am hoping in this process to learn to better learn my camera.  We are calling this Pattern Sew Off Show-off 2014 or #patternsos14. 
This week I have already sewn 2 dresses but I am not going to tell you about those until I have taken proper pictures. No more crappy cell phone pictures. Don't get me wrong I have no hopes of trying to go pro but I would like to learn to use my camera better and in the process get some decent pictures of my kids. 
That's all for tonight. I just cracked a new book "Wishes and Stitches" by Rachael Herron and I have a sweet boy looking to cuddle. 
Have a great night. 

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