Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of school for 2!

First, I can't beleive the summer is over. Second, waaaah I have 2 babies going to school this year. Lily is going to second grade, and watch out world Avry is going to kindergarten. Ironically I am most worried about the dog! She is going to be lost without Avry. Little sleep was had by myself last night, I may have been just as excited for the girls as they were themselves. Back packs, lunches and snacks were packed
After many attempts by 1 very excited and 1 apprehensive girl we headed outside
I have to brag about my outfits I made :D Here is a Miss Madeline for Avry, I used this pattern from Handmade dress I have used this pattern and many others of hers to and they are all wonderful. Her skirt is from childrens place, what can I say she loves purple!
Now Miss Lily on the other hand, she was all about Oliver + s For her I made the free ruffle halter minus the ruffles and the picnic shorts
Even if he isnt in school here are all my sweet babies.
Poor Jack, misses his girls!
I will have to let you know how the day goes and show the special jewelry that I made for them for thier first day. Have a great day,

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