Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I love to read other peoples blogs, I love to be inspired by thier creativity and watch thier 'happenings'. I find it interesting and inspiring. I cant lie and say I have never blogged, I fall under the category of blog for a few weeks if that then stop, just like that. I have blamed it on pictures takeing too long to upload, not having time ect. But in reality the way phones are set up these days I take pictures with my phone and can upload them right then and there, and I like most of the population spend a part of my day here almost everyday. I debated trying to pick up an old blog yet again but I fresh is best. Starting a new blog may just inspire me to keep going with it.
My sewing and knitting is in full swing, school starts for us tomorrow and this year I have a 2nd grader and Kindergartener. I cant believe it! My biggest baby girl a second grader, and my baby girl Kindergarten!!!
We have a day planned of painting nails, packing our back packs and mama has a few errands to do as well. Have a great day,

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