Thursday, August 30, 2012

I feel empowered!

There is something about using a power tool , or a tool in general and getting a job done, Maybe its because stereotypically men use them, I have never let that stop me and I am not afraid to use a tool. My most randon tool usage is soldering! The other day I made some jewelry for the girls and I. First I made a mama bracelet, It has our wedding day, the kids initial and thier birthmonth stone
I absolutely love it. I also made the girls first day of school jewelry. There is an 1<3u note, and a string of 5 seed beads, one to represent each memeber of our family so if they were to get sad at school they had all of us together. At the end of the 5 beads was thier favorite colored bead.
I also made them some necklaces, and if you were wondering yes I did go out and buy a scrabble game just so I could use the tiles... LOL. For these I drilled the hole and added a birthstone bead to them. I cant wait to show them these
This jewelry consisted of metal stamping, drilling, and soldering. See you dont have to be a man to use a tool. Avry loved her first day of school, poor Jack didnt care to much for his girls leaving him. I am sure over time it will get easier for him. As for Lily, she was apprehensive at first. She doesnt like to not know whats going on, and they dont find out who thier teacher is until the first day of school, last year and this year she struggled with this. She wasnt disappointed either time. She say she loves her teacher! Have a great day,

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