Friday, January 4, 2013

Menu planning

I have no real resolutions this year. My only real one would be to be a better wife and mother than I was last year.
I am however hoping to greatly decrease the amount we eat out/in. Usually it was once a week, sometimes more, but normally once a week. I am hoping to do it less so this year. I find it helps me to menu plan .

Here is last weeks
January 1: chicken Kiev and cauliflower with mash potato
January 2: Pork chops, egg noodles and brussel sprouts
January 3: Spaghetti and meat balls
January 4: chicken legs and salad

I plan to do my shopping tomorrow with the girls while my husband has his man time with our son.

January 5: tacos
January 6: meat loaf with mash potatos and a veggie
January 7: sausauge and peppers in the crock pot
January 8: Chicken picatta with angel hair
January 9: bake stuffed Tilapia, baked potato and carrots
January 10: Spaghetti/ravioli
January 11: Chicken Kiev, scallop potatos

Normally I do my shopping on friday or saturday so I will do another menu then. Normally I do a crock pot type meal on thursdays because Lily has gymnastics and its easier for me this way. I am not scheduled to work this week because I was accidently put on a day I am not available. But its still a busy week. Between dr appointments, work meetings, a family memeber having surgery, gymnastics out week is quite busy. I am still working on my grand reopening soon. Been sewing and working on custom orders I have already recieved.

Hope you have a great day

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