Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 of thanks and a freebie

Day 4: today I am thankful for my 3 wonderful children. Lily is kind, nurturing, althletic, smart, observant and very thoughtful. Avry firey, determined, kind, an amazing artist, sure of herself and what she wants and sweet. Jackson is full of energy, silly, loving, creative, smart, fast learner and so sweet. I am thankful everyday I get to watch them grow and learn. I cherish every moment and am honored for them to call me mama!

Todays freebie is an adorable cowl/short scarf I made for Avry for the colder weather.

The hat pattern is from The velvet Acorn and is the Piper Cloche , The flowers are from here. For the one on the hat I CO 150 and followed the pattern, The fingerless gloves are my own pattern, they are called Action Fingers.  For the short scarf/cowl I looked and couldnt find anything that I liked that would fit a 5 year old let alone a child.
 So I decided to make my own. I knew I wanted it to be about 22 inches at least.
 My guage was 4.5SPI (stitches per inch) using a size 8 needle and vannas choice yarn. I ended up CO 88 stitches,
I knit each row back and forth till it was about 2.5 inches. There were 9 garter ridges,
I knit 6 stitches and BO 8, I continued knitting till the end.
I turned and knit back till where I had BO those 8 stitches and this row I CO (cast on) 8 stitches, and continuted till then end.
I have created a large button hole in which I used the flower as my button (CO 100 stiches for the flower).
I then kept knitting till I had 9 ridges on either side of the button hole.
 Bo and weave your ends in
 She absolutely loves the set, and so do I. 

Hope you have a great day. 



  1. Today I'm thankful for relaxing Sundays complete with inexpensive decorating ideas.

  2. I hope you were able to enjoy your relaxation and crafting! Sounds wonderful, we spent the weekend relaxing ourselves.