Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doll cowl neck sweater Part 2!

A few days ago I shared a cowl neck doll sweater I had written up. Since then the girls were off of school so I couldnt finish it because I didnt want them to see it. So I just knitted up a few more.

We left off with weaving in our ends

Once you weave your ends in you are also going to sew the small gap left under each arm.
Now we are going to tac the cowl down on both ends. First off lets do the short sides. With wrong sides together do a simple straight stith or a matress stitch along the edges

Now you are going to tac the cowl down to the sweater. I only suggest this so you dont have to worry about blocking it or it falling out of place and upsetting the little ones. The Cast on edge of the cowl is going to meet right about where you had started the raglan increase, in other words it will cover the 3 rows you knit of 41 stitches.

Again we are going to do a matress stitch or straight stitch along the edges. You dont have to worry about matching up stitch for stitch. As you can see I used a long stitch. You can 'fluff' your cowl up later when its being worn.


Now we will add the velcro. I prefer to have the 'hook' side on the outside so it hopefully wont catch the yarn as easily. I simply took a 1" piece and cut it in half. I sewed the hook side with a zig zag stitch down the left side

Do the same with the loop side, except zig zag this to the wrong side on the right
Now you can close them right up and dressing is simple.

Congrats you have made a cowl neck sweater for your 18" doll! 

*For the purple 3/4 sleeve version I knit 6 rounds before doing the ribbing.
These can be done without the cowl by casting on 42, doing a ribbing of 2x2, when dividing for markers k11, pm, k4, pm, k12, pm, k4, pm, p11. You could also keep the first and last stitches in garter and make it a cardigan. For short sleeves, do 4 rows of garter when you pick up the sleeve stitches. Next up I have a cabled sweater on its way. Hopefully later this week.

Sneak peak of the the cables sweater coming up

Hope you have a wonderful day


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