Sunday, September 9, 2012


As I have mentioned or think I have mentioned I am attempting to take part in a stash game on an online sewing group that I belong to. A charity was choosen to sew for , if anyone was interested.  This was a teachable moment on many levels. But most importantly I was able to remind them about giving back. The charity I first chose was ConKerr.
The kids and I all took part in this.
 No matter the age or gender, they still love to make things. Being how often I sew, I am not at all surprised that my littlest likes it as much as his big sisters.


Pup cakes gave her stamp of approval .

We had lots of scraps left over, I am proud I didnt try to save to many. This is the garbage pile

We came out on top. I am going to contact them tomorrow about delivering these. I am beyhond thrilled to have taken part in such a selfless act and included my children, and dog in this.

Sometimes our greates gifts come from giving!

Have a great day,

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