Friday, September 7, 2012

Routines and the ottoman

Getting back into a school routine is such an adjustment for all. This last week I have found myself sewing in the morning with Jack. Avry comes home. We do a few things around the house. Lily comes home. Homework for her. Showers if its a shower night. Start cooking dinner. Run off to work till 10pm. Come home. Shower myself. Get clothes out for everyone. Make lunches. Go to bed! The alarm goes off at 7. Lily gets her lunch made in the am. Rinse, lather repeat.
To some it may feel like a routine, but it isnt. I feel my house is falling behind in areas. Its time to get up and go. Make a routine and stick with it. I need to desigate chore days for myself. I know it sounds silly but it will set a good example for my children. Wednesday is library day for Jack and I. I am hoping we can sign all the kids up for swim lessons, the girls did in this summer and really liked it. It would be fun for all, not to mention beneficial.
I have been busy still sewing this week, sorry no pictures yet. I still need to put snaps on Jacks pajamas.

On to the Ottoman.....
This is what it looked like before. Dont judge, I have a dog and 3 small kids LOL it happens

This is after, I may do another scrubbing of it, but not to bad if I do say so myself.
This is the site I got the how to off of.

Have a nice day,

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