Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I sewed a shoe.

I can not tell a lie, I sewed onto a shoe. I am didnt make it per say.  See Avry had these really cute zebra shoes she picked out when we were doing our back to school shopping.

They only had one problem, her feet kept falling out of them and she was getting frustrated. So I sewed some elastic to them.

The effort was well worth it.

See how happy she is

Check out the big kid in an outfit I had made her for school

I cant leave out the handsome boy.

While I am overloading you with pictures I have sewn for myself recently as well. Some comfy pants. These are Jalie 2445 
I have made these previously for my girls and really liked them. Who doesnt need another pair of black comfy pants? I know I surely cant ever have enough. I also made myself one of those really cool and comfortable looking circle shirt. I was not disappointed in these either.

*notice my memory board I made behind me!! I also sewed myself a pair of these great cords. These are Jalie 2908, I had to take them in at the sides a bit, but I surely cant be sad to be taking pants in...

And finally a birthday present, or a sweet 16 year old we know,

I love the pop of color inside
I have been quite busy this weekend if you hadnt already noticed. I am taking part in a stash game on one of the sewing boards I belong to and I want a chance LOL. Not to mention I really do enjoy sewing and there is really nothing like a hand made piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Best of all , they usually fit better than most RTW (retail wear clothing).
On todays agenda, I am going to try to clean my couch with an idea I saw on pintrest, as well as some sewing. I hope you enjoyed my pictures and items. Leave a comment and let me know if you would like. Today I leave you with the dog who attempted to cut the grass and our bento style lunch

Have a nice day,

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