Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alive and well!

Things have seemed crazy, I am working every night I am available. So days feel like crunch time to me. I have been exhausted from the late nights. Not much sewing has happened. I did however win the stash game by .4, less than half a point.

Some big things around here lately

Someone lost another tooth. I tell you the missing tooth looks cute yet silly. The second is close on its way.
October 22 was the 6 year anniversary of my Mother in Laws passing.

Jack was asleep in the car, but he helped me pick the flowers out for her. A daisy, a sunflower and a pink rose.
In honor of her I go this about 2 weeks ago

We saw this on the way home from grocery shopping one day

Here is just some of what I have made lately
Hoodie for a bday gift

Fingerless gloves for my baby girl. I am debating making a tutorial for these if you are interested in that please do let me know.

Finally finished this for Lily
Thats all for now,
Hope you have a great day


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