Monday, October 8, 2012

Change of plans!

Well I am not changing them I am just inserting something in front of them. See a certain small boy, decided on his own, WITHOUT my approval mind you that it was finally time to grow! At the moment his pants are boarderline short on him. Luckily I still do have a bunch of the tags still on the clothes I bought him for this year so I can exchange them for a larger size. But that means I get to sew for him. One of the sewing groups I belong too (yes there are more than one) is having a swap contest. For some reason there is nothing like a contest to light a fire under your bum and get sewing. This sewing contest is along the lines of a SWAP. SWAP means sewing with a plan.  Its basically 8 pieces, 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 2 miscelaneous pieces. This SWAP is an Ottobre one. Which means that at least  of the patterns must be from Ottobre. If you havent heard of them, they are another wonderful pattern, these are European and FIT!! Check them out if you get a chance.

Here is my rough draft.

Creative workshop 301
creative workshop 302
1/09 #22 Harava sweatshirt
1/09 #24 virkku polo shirt
1/08 #27 chimpanzee tshirt

1/11 #26 bouncing forward cargos
3/10 #19 wailers ** lengthened to pants
3/05 #15 jeans/velveteen pants

6/11 #5 grandpa carigan
4/05 #19 childs bathrobe
1/08 #28 pocket hooded sweatshirt
3/05 #24 velour sweat jacket (modified to pullover)

Unfortunately as part of the rules I cant show off until the contest is finished which is October 27. I am a little late in signing up, as the contest offically started September 19. So I better get my bum moving. I think I have all my fabrics chosen and patterns. This is just a starter for me. I am sure the majority of sewing recently besides orders will be boy.

Well that is all for now. Especially since before I begin my Boy SWAP I need to make a pageant outfit and 12 diaper covers if I have the fabric for them. I know I have some PUL, how much is the question LOL.

For now I leave you with a quick wall hanging I made yesterday. It was quick and unperfect but I still think its cute.

I fibbed, one last thing before I leave. Dont forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be aware and be safe.

Have a great day,

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