Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a new leo

Lily started gymnastics last week, and for her first class she wore a dance leotard and booty shorts. But me being me well I had to make her a new one, and specifically a gymnastics leotard. I combined Jalie 2443 and Jalie 2105


I came up with this. She had to pose LOL.

 She really likes it but in my modifying a H width and a K length I probably should have made it longer. She was picking her butt all night LOL. Ah well it was a lesson learned and I can make another with some length. 
 Not sure what is in store for tomorrow. I do however have a recent urge to make Jack a super hero quilt. He needs a back up afterall. He almost needs it, he is in underwear during the day, however at night he wears a pull up. I have to use night time pull up and most nights, if not all nights he wakes up wet. It gets very frustrating to change and wash his bedding daily. At this point there is an extra girls quilt, we have one but LJ doesnt. So guess that means I need two. I have had one for the girls started, originaly Lily since oh last year LOL. May be time to fix it.
Have a great day, or in my case night!

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