Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What or who inspires you?

That can be quite the loaded questions. Pending on what I am doing is what inspires me.  Lately I have been finding my sewing inspirations from a lovely lady N I found on the internet. We do not know each other personally and have only just recently spoken when I sent her a message letting her know her sewing inspired me. If you get a second head on over to Five and Counting. Her sewing is really lovely.
When it comes to lunches for kids I enjoy reading Jesse's blog here at Chaos and Confections. I know her from an online sewing group.
There are so many ways we can find inspiration, as a crafter I have found myself more than once taking a picture of an item in a store knowing I could make my own version without paying the prices that are tagged. What can I say I love to make new things and sometimes I dont always want to pay what is being asked. Not sure if that makes me cheap or creative LOL. Lately these are where I am finding some of my inspiration. Ok as well as Pintrest.

After nearly forgetting to take my son to the Library this am I managed to get some sewing in. Lucky for me he really does enjoy our weekly library trips. We try to go on Wednesdays where they have a preschool story time , they sing songs, ready books and do a project. He really does like it. But I do believe his favorite part is the display that changes weekly.  After this AM's library visit, we came home to wait for Avry, had lunch (tomato soup with cheese sandwiches) then mama got to work. I manage to sew up the afterschool blouse and a knitting tote for myself.

I really love the blouse, even if it may be a little short for my liking. I prefer length so they can grow some while wearing it. But I know for the future and I am sure I could add a band to the bottom of it at a later time if I chose to.

Here it is with the pants

And my knitting tote

I made a little inside pocket to hold patterns. I trimmed the top with bias tape and the sides and bottom with piping.

Would you believe that I may have signed up for another month of stash game but at a different sewing web site. I must be nuts. Two whole monthes without buying fabric, just notions. I have gone longer but it seems crazy.
While I am talking about stash games, let me tell you how I did last month and what it is. A stash game is basically a game to inspire you to sew from your fabric stash rather than buy. You get points for every yard sewn, and for notions used. You lose points for buying fabric. Its fun. Now in September I sewed up 1101 points, that breaks down to 102.25 yards of fabric. Yes that was one hundred and two. Crazy!! I used 113 notions (tags, snaps, interfacing ect. ) I am so very proud of myself and for how well I did. The winners have not been announced yet, but I beleive I was in the top 5 for all 4 weeks. Its doesnt matter who won, I feel I have accomplished so much in terms of sewing, I challanged myself, tried new things, and got things done.
Well thats all for today,
Hope you have a great day,

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  1. I am blushing,thank you for your lovely compliments.
    I am looking forward to watching your challenge.
    xx N