Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oliver + S October

I had mentioned before my plans for October and Oliver + S but never got into details. I have recently found an Oliver LOVE. Could be a boarderline obsession but I am not ready to admit that. I have decide to use the month of October to sew all of my Oliver + S pattern. Maybe buy a few. We shall see. Today I will begin with the After-School Shirt and pants.
There is just something about these patterns, I am not sure what it is. They look comfortable, they are versitile, easy to alter and they fit!!
Today I managed the pants
 I added a cute hidden pocket detail on the bottom of the right leg. Avry LOVES them and has asked to wear them tomorrow.
I have the shirt traced out and ready to be sewn tomorrow.

Have a great day,
Kristen :)

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