Sunday, October 14, 2012

From tee to cardigan

Now on to the tutorial. We are going to be changing a plain, everyday tee shirt into a cardigan similar to this.

All you are going to need for this is:

a tee shirt

gross grain ribbon to match (or not if you prefer)

a lighter or flame source

a sewing machine



Step one, is the tee shirt. We are going to be cutting it down the center, make sure you press to get all the wrinkles out of it. I recommend prewashing and drying prior to doing this.

Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out, matching up the side seams and shoulder seams as evenly as possible. I did mine inside out because I found it easier to find the center front.

Step 3: Once you are absolutely sure you have the found the center. Check again to double check ;). Now you are doing to cut on the center fold line you created by folding the front in half.

See all cut.

Step 4: now wear are going to heat seal the ends of our ribbon. You could use fray check if you like, but I much prefer a good old fashioned flame. Simply run the flame close to the edge of the ribbon. You will see the ends start to melt. Its really as easy as that.

Step 5: Press the ribbon in half length wise to almost form a bias tape.

Step 6: 'wrap' the ribbon round the edges of the center front . Making sure that you don't pull the shirt down, and pin it. I folded the top and bottom of my ribbon under so no edges were shown or hanging out to itch sensitive little necks.

Step 7: Sew the ribbon , I sewed close to the edges of the ribbon.

Step 8: Add a clasp to the top if you chose, I used a large hook and eye. Now its time to proudly wear your new cardigan.

Here is Lily in a dress I made her for Christmas that she could not wait to wear but had to wait because the dress is short sleeves. She is absolutely thrilled and looks mighty cute if I must say so myself.

Dress pattern is the Holiday Dress from Birdiful Stitches on Etsy. Sorry no tutorial on how I used a woven instead of a knit. But basically I made her a size 6, added seam allowance, cut the center back and used a zipper.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me.

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